The University of Southampton

Hollow Core Fibre reliability and interconnection

This theme will look at the key practical and reliability aspects associated with the deployment of Hollow Core Fibres (HCFs) in the real-world applications that are the focus of our other work packages. This will also enable delivery of robust usable samples to external academic and industrial partners.

The research team will study

-        fibre ageing, stress corrosion, water/H2 ingression, outgassing for different glass grades and types;

-        cleaving and splicing polymer and soft glass HCFs;

-        special coatings and cabling for radiation-hard and environmentally-insensitive applications;

-        direct coupling to lasers, VCSELS, photonic integrated circuits, metamaterials; and

-        free-space coupling modules for component integration such as in-line isolators and filters.

Fundamental studies in the initial phases of the research will provide solutions to specific interconnections and reliability challenges emanating from the application research themes in the latter years of the programme.

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