The University of Southampton

Hollow Core Fibre development

Hollow Core Fibre (HCF) development is Airguide Photonic’s core activity which aims to design, develop, fabricate (and supply) the next generation of ultrahigh performance HCFs. It underpins and provides HCFs to all our other research theme projects.

This core activity will address key manufacturing aspects:

a)     the development of ultralow-loss HCFs operating at various key telecommunications wavebands appropriate to telecoms, datacoms and 5G front/back haul;

b)     new routes to preform manufacturing (various materials, including soft glasses and polymers);

c)      non-destructive defect identification and elimination;

d)     new fibre drawing procedures & real time measurements;

e)     and surface roughness control/management for ultimate loss reduction.

Additionally, we will manufacture bespoke fibres for applications requiring: multimode and multicore designs; environmental insensitivity; in-fibre polarisation control and polarising properties. 

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